Ripple at Grace & Beauty (Inside Dacia’s Dirty Mind)

March 24, 2008

Apparently I’ve been procrastinating on going around and selecting images for Inside Dacia’s Dirty Mind for so long that it’s been two months since I’ve updated this feature. Yikes, I suck! (in this case, not in a good way)

I’m going to start doing this again, I swears! In fact, I’m shifting the scheduling of the posts for Live Girl Review around a bit. I’m starting work on my next book and have a few other top secret projects in the works, so I’ll be publishing Dacia’s Dirty Mind posts three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and videos on Tuesday and Thursday. Without further ado… nudity!

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I invite you to delve Inside Dacia’s Dirty Mind, where I tell you what I think is hot. With illustrated examples. No detached “we’s”, no shilling for porn that doesn’t make my clit twitch, just pictures and links to sites that catch my attention – it might not float your boat, but it floats mine!


This is Ripple, a model on Jay GreenMan’s site Grace and Beauty, which is all about the all-natural hotness. I find Ripple so striking because she’s got an unconventional kind of beauty, with her extra large eyes and her comfortable, unposed sexiness.

Also, I’m totally into her tan lines – her browned arms show that she’s out in the sun a lot, and that we’re seeing something that isn’t often sun kissed. Though I can’t say with authority what other non-sun entities may have kissed her skin, I can have fun thinking about it.

Have a look at Grace & Beauty – all natural cuties, well photographed and often in the great outdoors.


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