Pinky & Cherokee at Pinky’s House (Inside Dacia’s Dirty Mind)

March 26, 2008

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I invite you to delve Inside Dacia’s Dirty Mind, where I tell you what I think is hot. With illustrated examples. No detached “we’s”, no shilling for porn that doesn’t make my clit twitch, just pictures and links to sites that catch my attention – it might not float your boat, but it floats mine!


I have posted about the extreme awesomeness of Pinky and her site Pinky’s House before (with video, check it out here), and chances are that I will post about her many many more times. She’s just that awesome.

The thing about Pinky that puts her a step beyond so many other porn performers is her enthusiasm for fucking. She just always looks totally stoked about what she’s doing, and she wields a strap-on like she means it.

I like this particular pic because of the strange pseudo-leap frog position, which is a little weird as a pose, but shows off her thick ass and thighs from a great vantage point – the profile view of a squat. Sweet. Also, the matching pink zebra print lingerie is bad ass.

Here’s a free gallery of Pinky and Cherokee getting it on. The action involves a big black strap-on.


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