Pokin’ Round the Gorge: A Sexy-Romantic Guide for Gorge Lovers

July 11, 2008

Ah! It’s been too long! But I haven’t abandoned ship, I’ve just been insanely busy and had to let Live Girl Review fall quiet for a while. As I say in the video, I’m coming off of my first semester of teaching at the college level – human sexuality, of course. I’ve also been very busy with my new job as the editor of the Village Voice sexuality blog Naked City, for which I also produce a weekly video show, which goes live on Mondays. But, no more excuses! More episodes of Live Girl Review are on their way down the tube, and I finally got it together so you can subscribe to the show through itunes: http://livegirlreview.blip.tv/rss/itunes.

I’m attempting to return to the schedule of two shows a week and am sort of contemplating changing the format. Would you like to see fewer, longer shows with more reviews within each show, or should it stay the same with more frequent, shorter shows about one product each? Any comments or suggestions are welcome, either here or via email: dacia@livegirlreview.com.

Now, without further ado – today’s show is about a travel guide, Pokin’ Round the Gorge: A Sexy-Romantic Guide for Gorge Lovers. “Gorge” is not a eupehmism, its actually a guide book about the Columbia River Gorge that extends through Oregon and Washington. Written by enthusiastic guide and naked man Scott Cook, the book lets you in on some secrets of great places to hang out in nature and steathily get nude. If you want to hear more from Scott, check out the interview I did with him on Naked City.


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