The Snakebite Kit: Unsung Hero of Sensation Play

August 21, 2008

snakebiteThe name of the game for a lot of sex toys these days is discreetness. As more and more people own sex toys, there are more and more people from whom to hide them: kids, roommates, parents, etc. Nothing fools people more than the snakebite kit.

Imagine that you are hiking in Yellowstone and you get bit by a rattlesnake. We’ve all heard that it’s possible to suck venom out of a bite but say that you’re hiking alone and you don’t have a friend that can help you (or your friend is scared of cooties). Simply open the snakebite kit , find the appropriate size, squeeze and put over the bite. Like a good hikey, the suction in the cup will pull out the venom. It’s easy, small and needs no electricity or fancy tools.

Now imagine that you’re hiking (or anywhere, really) and you want to have some extra sensation in your nipples or clitoris. Simply follow the directions above, squeezing the snakebite kit and placing it where you want the extra sensation to be. Once it’s there, you can tap on it for extra sensation, or just leave it there for a few minutes and let it do its magic. When you take it off, the suction action will have brought a lot of blood the surface of the skin, possibly enlarging the nipples or clitoris and definitely increasing the sensitivity. They work like nipple clamps but instead of a pinching sensation, it’s suction which I like a lot better.

I really love my snakebite kit – it’s so easy to use and can travel with me anywhere I go without raising any eyebrows. If anyone asks, I just say that I’m deathly afraid of snakes.

You can pick up a snakebite kit at any camping/outdoors store, or you can go to any Babeland location and grab one there.


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