Neo Love Ring

August 25, 2008

Jay and I tried the Neo Love Ring together in several different configurations over the last few weeks. We talked about it and I thought I would just let you read the chat logs:

Ellie: So, what did you think of that vibrating cock ring?
Jay: Good stuff. It’s already served many purposes.
Ellie: Any that I don’t know about?
Jay: Haha, nope. All of them were your ideas.
Jay: You don’t remember how we used it the first time?
Ellie: Well, yeah, the submissive on the wall in the cock bondage.
Ellie: Did you try it on your balls at all? How did that feel?
Jay: Yeah, we turned it around the second time we used it. It was quite nice.
Ellie: Would it make them numb after awhile or stay good?
Jay: I think a lot of guys are afraid of having vibrating devices on their balls, but it was gentle and nice.
Jay: Ian (and his extra-sensitive scrotum) would approve, I think.
Ellie: Okay, so good for balls, then.
Jay: Yeah, quite good. I love the dual modes on it.
Ellie: that was really good for teasing actually
Ellie: since it would only go on when it was pressed against me it didn’t make me come too fast.
Jay: Yep. I liked that.
Jay: I easily got an extra 10 minutes of sex from you thanks to it ;)
Ellie: LOL
Ellie: Am I that bad?
Jay: Yes?
Jay: No, it’s okay. The 4 minutes before you come are totally worth it.
Ellie: I don’t think that most people would expect a vibrating cock ring to slow things down for a girl.
Ellie: I guess I’m weird.
Jay: Yeah, well.. I think that was more my plan than the cockring.
Jay: It was just the tool I used to make it happen.
Ellie: If you had it on the constant vibration mode, that would have failed.
Jay: Most likely, yes.
Jay: I mean, it’s pretty strong, but not to the point of numbness, at least not for me.
Ellie: But overall, you enjoyed it?
Jay: Yeah, although the “ring” could be a little tighter.
Ellie: Yeah, those jelly ones aren’t really good at constricting things.
Jay: The ring is just the way it holds onto you, it’s not really a cock-ring. It has ridges inside it to keep from constricting blood flow a bit.
Ellie: So, as a penis attachment, good. As a cock ring, sort of weak?
Jay: Great minds think alike, yeah.
Jay: Yep, definitely a fun toy. Basically turns any functioning penis into a vibrator. How can that be a bad thing?

So, we love the Neo Love Ring. It is good for sex, it is good for masturbation, and it is good for torturing squirming submissives. This is a multitasker in the bedroom and a new favorite for us.


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