Shunga Chocolate Body Paint

August 31, 2008

Shunga Chocolate Body PaintI love chocolate. A lot. In fact, there was many a joke in my grad school program about how my vagina craves and eats chocolate. Ergo, I thought it would be prudent to try something that was chocolate. And sexual. Because let’s just be honest; my life revolves around sex and chocolate.

So this review is about Shunga Chocolate Body Paint. I saw chocolate at Babeland, as a sex thing, and I wanted it.It came in the mail, and as I open the package, I realized there was one problem; I needed to find someone to try it out on. Unlike your dildos and vibes, chocolate body paint is really mean for two people.

I waited. Semi-patiently. And then, the solution presented itself. I had someone, in my apartment, alone, who was really hot, and wasn’t running panicking.

“So, I need to review this chocolate body paint. Would you be willing to take one for the team and help me test it?”As she stood in my kitchen, I held up the glass jar suggestively. When M acquiesced, I looked at her expectantly.

“Where would you like me to paint you?”"Anywhere is fine.” I looked her up and down. She was wearing a long sleeve shirt. Anywhere? Unless I was going to turn her face into my canvass, I had to change the situation a bit.

“Does that shirt come off? And if so, do you need any help with it?”

Shirt unbuttoned, and tossed over a chair, undershirt off and folded, I spun her around in front of me. Right above her sports bra, her back was a blank canvass. Opening the bottle, I attempted to use the wood and foam quill provided. It didn’t work so well, but creative femme that I am, I found a lip liner make-up brush that worked perfectly.

It smelled like chocolate. It even tasted like chocolate (which I wasn’t expecting…faux chocolate is usually pretty gross). It was a little thicker and stickier than something like chocolate syrup, and less creamy than melty chocolate ice cream (un, did I mention that I like chocolate and sex?). It took a little to get used to it, but I was able to use it to create both words and designs on M’s back.

I will say the licking it off part wasn’t quite what I expected. It dried relatively quickly, and was more difficult to lick off than I thought it would be. I’m glad I didn’t do too much of it, because while licks and kisses are sexy, a full fledged tongue bath is not (at least for me). I’d suggest that you don’t use too much of it, or if you want to create a giant masterpiece, I’d plan on a hot and steamy shower together to take care of the stickiness.

I have yet to try it on nipples (either mine or a partner), but I think that’ll be quite fun. Honestly, I’d keep it away from the vulva to prevent yeast infections — sugar + naughty bits = bad plan.

It didn’t tell me anything about storage, so I recapped it and stuck it in the fridge before we continued our conversation in my bedroom.

All in all, 4 stars out of 5. Prettier and less messy than chocolate syrup, lots of fun, and pretty tasty, but not reinventing the wheel.

And what did M think?
Good smell. Good taste. Not messy, which is good, but definitely have a plan for getting it off other than your tongue, if you do a lot (see my note above re: shower). Overall, like a 7 out of 10 maybe.

Ok, folks, there you have it. Want some of your own? Go buy some Shunga Chocolate Body Paint at Babeland.

-Essin’ Em


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