Eco Delight Kit

September 27, 2008

I was more than thrilled when Babeland offered to let me review the Eco Delight Kit. First of all, I’m Colorado born and bred, which makes me a sustainable and environment loving hippie at heart. Secondly, I’ve really been wanting to get my hands on a Delight ever since I first saw one, so clearly, this kit was perfect for me.In this kit are:*An all natural, recycled paper bag EMBEDDED WITH FLOWER SEEDS (so you can plant the bag and flowers grow!!!)*Organic Naked Lube*Mamba condoms*A Rice-Flower Massage Candle (with matches)*A Delight vibe (I chose the Black/White, but there are other options).Ok. Let’s break this down.I didn’t get to use the bag, as it’s September, plus I live in an apartment building. However, come spring, I plan on planting it, and am really bloody excited about this part of the kit. Wildflowers IN A BAG. I mean, come on!About the lube? Yeah. I didn’t even open it, but rather, gave it to a friend in lube need. I’ve already review the Organic Naked Lube (read the review here), and was pretty unimpressed. In fact, I still have about 98% of the bottle left, so I didn’t feel the need to really try it out…again.The Mamba condoms were nice; they’re vegan (like most condoms), and felt nice, at least over the toys I used them on. They’re Swedish, and supposeably made by a non-profit, which in my book, is damn cool. Nothing ridiculously amazing, but then again, few condoms are.The Delight was pretty bad ass. In case you don’t know much about the Delight, it is a re-chargable vibrator (yay! No costly and harmful batteries!)..that charges *in its case.* Yeah. Crazy, I know, but you just put it in its case, and plug the whole case in and voila! No sitting there on your counter getting fuzzy while it charges. Not awkward questions from visitors, as it sits there on your counter while it charges. And you have easy storage too!Now, it’s supposed to be both a G-spot and a clitoral toy, but I had my doubts. My anatomy has never perfectly fit any of these dual use toys, but I thought I’d give it a go. The bad? Yeah – when it is inserted the right way, it definitely doesn’t hit my clit. The good? When it is inserted the right way, it OH MY GOD hits my g-spot! That curved part is abso-freaking-lutely brilliant! It felt amazing…and then I turned on the vibrations. There are multiple settings, and all of them felt…well..DELIGHTful. (Insert groans here). There was a good amount of vibration (which we all know is important too me), and so far, it’s still charged. Plus, it’s plastic and silicone (body friendly and easy to clean), and is water resistant (shower, anyone?) I was…well…DELIGHTed by the Delight (ok, the puns stop here, promise!).However, the high point of this kit was the Massage Candle. Oh. Em. Gee. This was genius. I thought that the scent might be a little strong…but no, it was perfect. AND the candle came with matches. For me, this is the equivalent of having a toy come with batteries (if it requires them). Fucking fabulous…especially since I already had F tied up in my bed when I wanted to use it, and wasn’t ready to go on a hunt for a lighting instrument in the middle of sex.The wax melted fairly quickly, and the glass wasn’t too hot to hold. I poured in on her to the sound of a gasp, and then rubbed it in. And poured more on her, and gave her a back massage. I tried it out again a few days later – she still loved it! Finally, it was my turn…it felt amazing. I almost wish it had been hotter, but I guess that was kind of the point…that it didn’t need to be a “wax play” kind of thing, but was more soft and sensuous. Either way, it was AMAZING, and I’m definitely hoping to get a few more of these amazing candles.Overall, the kit gets 4 stars out of 5. The Delight, the bag, and the Candle gets 5 stars each. Condoms get 3 or 4…I mean, they’re just condoms…good condoms, but not amazing. And the lube? Yeah, 2 stars at the most, bringing down the average of the kit. Hmm…actually, can I give the Massage Candle 6 stars (out of 5)? Cause I really really really liked it.Want to get your own earth-friendly Eco Delight Kit? Visit Babeland here to get one of your own!-Essin’ Em

Episode 4: Porn and Pong, The Sasi, Good Dyke Porn (guest review!), Dacia’s Love Machine and more!

September 26, 2008

Here is what’s in the show this week!
Book:Porn & Pong: How Grand Theft Auto, Tomb Raider and other Sexy Games Changed Our Culture by Damon Brown (check out the Porn and Pong website too)
Sex Toy: The Sasi, an exclusive from Babeland. If you shop at and type in the code “livegirl” at checkout, you’ll get a 10% discount on whatever you purchase – not just the Sasi.
Smut: Good Dyke Porn – check out the monthly subscription website or you can give the Good Dyke Porn DVD a whirl on Hot Movies for Her, where you can watch each of the eight scenes separately in pay per view format. This is a guest review by Match, who is the founder of the in-development sex positive social news and info site PosAlt and one of the organizers of the second annual Sex 2.0 unconference 2009 – you can also follow Match on Twitter. I figured if I was going to have a guest reviewer I might as well really mix it up and have a guy reviewing lesbian porn.

One Hot Minute
Sex educator Jamye Waxman reminds us that switching it up and experimenting with place & time are great ways to keep sex interesting in a long term relationship.

Bad Press
In response to an email I received asking whether or not it’s any good, I dish about female sexual enhancement lotion Dream Cream.

Self Promotion Moment!
Instead of the traditional Fan Girl Moment, I share a few minutes of my new short film, Dacia’s Love Machine – a comedy about what happens when you try to get rid of a sex machine via Craigslist. There’s a 25 minute long director’s cut of the film that will be available for purchase soon (and will be screening at the Berlin Porn Film Festival next month). If you want to watch or pass along the sneak peek of Dacia’s Love Machine as a stand along piece – it lives on my YouTube channel.

Goodie Giveaways
DVD copy of Madison Young’s Undone (reviewed on Live Girl Review here)
One month subscription to Good Dyke Porn

The Fukuoku Vibrating Glove

September 20, 2008

I’ve pretty much been craving the Fukuoku Vibrating Glove since I turned 18 and first set foot in a sex toy store. I mean…five fingers, all full of vibrations? How could you *not* want one of these.

I cut it out of its packaging…and groaned. It takes AAA batteries, and while I have more AAs than I could possibly need EVER, I couldn’t scrounge up 3 AAAs. Sigh. I texted F; “If you have any AAA batteries, can I borrow 3 when you come over?” She wrote back that she didn’t have any, and asked if she should pick up any. We’re not at the point where I’m ok asking her to grab me something, so I told her I’d figure it out on my own.

Once she was over, I showed her the glove, placing it on my right hand (you can also get it for your left hand…but although I’m left handed, I’d asked for the right one…I didn’t think I’d have enough dexterity in it, so I wanted it on my non-dominant hand, so I could use my left hand for um…you know, important things. Like fucking people). We joked about how I looked like a super villain, and that I should keep AAA batteries around. As I moved to take it off, I hit the on button…and it came to life. That’s right folks, this toy COMES WITH BATTERIES. Ah-May-Zing. 10 points right there.

It has two vibrating options; low and high. The glove itself is pretty damn comfy, but was a little big on me (I have really small hands), even once I tightened the wrist strap, so the vibes didn’t sit perfectly on my fingers. Didn’t matter. They vibrated my fingers like WOAHFUCK, and as I ran then up and down F’s back, they really seemed to work magic. She moaned a little and let me rub my hand all over her back. With extra pressure, I got extra moans. It was fabulous.

I flipped her over, for access to her stomach. I ran the glove all over her; breasts, tummy, and all elicited pleasant sounds on both high and low settings. The only thing she didn’t like so much was having it on her nipples, on either speed. She said it was just too much.

Then we switched, letting her put it on. I think it fit her hand a little better. Starting it on low, she rubbed it all over me. It didn’t feel as good as getting a massage from her, but it did feel quite nice (and was much less work for her, I’m sure). She moved it up to my nipples, to show me how it was too much vibration. Ha. I, she of the nipple clamps, LOVED it, especially on the higher setting. As I always say, each to his/her own!

With her body pressed against mine, I was getting really turned on. She moved it between my legs, over my underwear. Mmm. It felt good, but to be honest, I can’t really see getting off with a glove. I’m iffy about cleaning it (although you can remove everything and wash it…or so they say), and I really preferred it as a massager. I mentioned that it was a lot less cheesy than I thought it would be, and F pointed out that it was still pretty cheesy. I agreed, but said it was cheesy in a super hero kind of way. Which then turned into talk about a sexy super villain-heroine in distress role play (why yes, I do own a cape. and a cloak), which then turned into giggles.

While I don’t really see this becoming my go to for getting off, I was really bloody impressed (and not just because it came with batteries). For running on AAAs, it packs a decent punch, and I really enjoyed watch F’s face and body as I ran it over her skin. Definitely great for foreplay and sensation play, and it wasn’t even that loud, which was a nice surprise. 4 out of 5 stars!

Want your own sexy super-villain glove? Click here to buy it at VibeReview!

-Essin’ Em

Naughty Nano Review

September 16, 2008

nanoOne of the best things about working at Babeland is that we get to review new toys. That’s right – every toy we carry has been tested and approved by at least one sex educator. That’s why we don’t carry all 18, ailment 000 toys out there. We just carry the good ones.That doesn’t mean that bad toys don’t cross our path. I’ve tested my fair share and they sit at the bottom of my sex toy drawer, viagra waiting for the day when the US implements a vibrator recycling program.

Most of the time, prescription however, I get to test something fun. A few months ago I got to test the Boss and it certainly took me for a ride. The last toy I tested was the NaughtyNano, the same folks who make the OhMiBod.

I’ll admit that I didn’t really see the appeal of the OhMiBod. I’d been a bad sex educator and hadn’t actually tried it, let alone plugged it into an iPod. The long, white plastic just didn’t appeal to me. When I opened the NaughtyNano, however, I was instantly attracted to the curvy blueness and soft plastic texture. Here was a toy that knew how to party.

The NaughtiNano (and OhMiBod) work like this: Take the plugs and put one end in your iPod (or other music-playing device) and put the other in the vibrator. You can also plug in earphones if you like. Now, kick out the jams. The NaughtyNano vibrates to the beat of the music. Want stronger vibrations? Just turn up the volume (here’s where I had to take my earphones off).

You can have all sorts of ironic fun with this toy. What does Salt N Pepa’s ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ feel like? Pretty good actually – it has a good beat. What about ‘Let’s Get It On’? More of a slow rumble but a nice buildup. Prince? Not too bad. I ended up with electronica and metal – not really something I wanted to listen to but the beat was amazing – and just what I needed. The curves grabbed my G-spot, the vibrations struck my clit, and life was good.

If nothing else, the NaughtyNano is a lot of fun. I promise you’ll never look at your music collection the same way again.

Sally Seal

September 14, 2008

Sally Seal

As some of you may or may not know, I am on a quest if you will, a search for the holy grail. And by holy grail, I mean “rabbit style vibrator that actually works with my body and gets me off.” Phew. Anyways, I’ve been on this search since the purchase of my very first sex toy, which was actually, I kid you not, this bright pink piece of…well…yeah Let’s just say it wasn’t the best relationship. My vagina was too tight to insert it (yes yes, we all know I had an incredibly small vagina, and I’ve been working to get it to usable size), so I just turned it around to place the rabbit part against my clit, and then turned the vibrator part on high.

Since then, I’ve tried a variety of vibes; the Waterproof Beaver, which smelled like death and never made it near my vagina, the Red G-Factor, which was the right size, and made it pretty close to fitting right on my clit, but smelled funny, and didn’t have *quite* enough power to get me off, and a smattering of other rabbit style vibes. I am so jealous of all these people who talk about how amazing it feels to have rotating pearls and vibrations all at the same time…which I just stick a dildo in me, Hitachi on my clit, and call it a day. So my quest continues; is there *the* perfect rabbit style vibe out there, at least for me?

This toy, the Sally Seal looked very hopeful. I got the blue one (not pink, of course), and read over the packaging. It’s made by Fun Factory, a cool German (go Deutschland!) company that makes fun looking toys. This kiddo is 100% silicone, which makes it phthalate free (obviously, if I’m going to be putting it in my vagina), and they even sent along a little bit of water-based lube with it, because remember; silicone lube + silcone toy = sad Essin’ Em.

I know people have had trouble opening the battery compartments on Fun Factory toys, but I had no issues. However, inserting the 4 AA batteries was a process; I kept bending the connectors, and just plain couldn’t get them to fit in quite right. Gah. Finally, I got my battery situation all squared away, and took this seal contraption to my room.

Side note: I usually HATE animalesque toys. Loathe them. However, a) I’m on a quest. Personal vendettas must be put aside. b) At least a seal is unique, as compared to the bunny, the butterfly, the dolphin, etc. So it was worth a try. End explanation of my ethics.

I hopped into bed, and experimented. Sally Seal (which kind of reminds me of the song “Little Sally Walker” from back in the day….just saying) is one of Fun Factory’s “Twist n’ Shake” products…ie, the shaft twists inside, and the clitoral part (in this case, Ms. Sally) shakes (vibrates), so there were separate controls for each. The vibrate control was really nice; it packs a good deal of power for 4 AAs. However, my beef is with the “twist” part. Yes, it twists. Yes, it feels good. The problem? It sounds like a bloody forklift moving. I mean, WOW. I love the Hitachi, and it’s pretty loud, but this was distracting. I felt like I was in the Ikea warehouse, or playing some computer game with a joystick that made the similar “whirring” noise. Completely and utterly distracting. So I gave up on that pretty quickly.

The shaft itself is pretty big, but with lube and the vibrator on, I was able to slip it inside. Although it did fit better than some of the toys I tried, it was certainly no cinderella’s glass slipper. I gave it a go for a bit, and it certainly got me warmed up quite nicely, but there was no way in heck it was going to get me off. Maybe if I did what I did in college, and turned it around and rubbed up against the seal from the back, but definitely not as a rabbit style vibe.

Maybe my anatomy is off? Maybe I’m just not meant to feel the amazingness of the rabbit style vibe. Either way, here’s the scoop on Sally Seal. Good material, good company, kinda cute actually, and great seal vibration. It’s just the fit, and the horrendous noise from the “twisting” (even though it felt great) that have me veto this one. I am SURE it will make someone VERY happy – it’s a cool design, and has a nice variety of power settings (maybe stick a couple of pillows over it while using it), but for me, I’d give it a 2, MAYBE a 3 out of 5 stars.

If you want your own Sally Seal, head right on over to VibeReview, and they’ll get you all hooked up. If you get one, I’d like to hear how your experience compared to mine.

And I, weary traveller that I am, I shall continue on my quest to find the rabbit style vibe that is *just right*. You can call me Ms. Perverted Goldilocks.

-Essin’ Em

Episode 3: Open vs Opening Up, Fun Factory’s Delight, Benny Profane’s Hospital, Marisa DiMattia on sex & tattoos… plus more!

September 10, 2008

Yay, its the third episode! Unfortunately, Live Girl Review had a bit of a set back last week – the show has been deleted from iTunes. I think it’s probably because of “strong prevalence of sexual content,” which is listed in their terms of service as a reason shows may not be included. I haven’t gotten a response back from iTunes Abuse – if anyone has suggestions for me, please let me know. It would be a real bummer if the show wasn’t on iTunes.

In less crappy news: the winner of the goodies from the last episode is Baby Sinead, who is a photographer, model, and hell raiser in NYC. Check out her site – her blog is excellent, as are her boobs.

Here what’s in the show this week!
Books: Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships by Tristan Taormino (the book has its own community site: Opening Up) vs Open: Love, Sex, and Life in an Open Marriage by Jenny Block (whose website URL I just have to point out because its hilarious: Ha!)
Sex Toy: Fun Factory’s Delight – buy through this link and type in the code “livegirl” at checkout and you get a 10% discount
Smut Review: Hospital! directed by Benny Profane and featuring Mandy Morbid, Zak Sabbath, and Caroline Pierce

One Hot Minute
Because I reviewed two books about open relationships, Jamye Waxman decided to share a few tips about how to have a happy threesome.

Bad Press
Here’s why you should think twice about a vaginoplasty – put those muscles to work instead!

Fan Girl Moment
I get fan girly on Marisa DiMattia of tattoo couture blog Needled. She talks all about sex and tattoos and the study she’s been doing on the subject – you can read more about the study in her column Erotic Ink over on Suicide Girls.

This episode’s give aways will go to one lucky commenter – not top five or top ten, but anyone who comments before the next episode goes up. The winner will get: a copy of Hospital plus Ellen Forney’s Lust (comics inspired by personal ads).

The next episdoe goes up on September 24!

Thanks for your support!

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