The Liv Vibrator

September 3, 2008

Liv VibeI love love love Lelo toys. Like <——-> much. No, really.And thank goodness for the Liv, because this fancy schmancy vibe has restored my faith in this amazing company, after a run in with the Lily, which left me a bit unimpressed.I guess the explanation is that I only like the length type toys from this amazing company, because I <3 the Liv almost as much as I am enamored with the Gigi, and let me tell you that says A LOT.I started out a bit hesitant with the Liv, after my run in with Lily. Granted, I’d had it charged up for a while. I took it to the Fetish Party, in case M had wanted to play in public. She didn’t, so it sat in my leopard print travel sex toy bag for a while, sitting and waiting. Finally, I decided it was time; I put it in my travel suitcase, and off I went to go tell the world about the evils of Amendment 48 in Colorado and why they should vote NO on 48. That night, I stayed with Chris. I showed it to her, we oohed and ahhed over it, and then went out for drinks, leaving poor Liv all alone.Never fear; the next night in the hotel, I brought out Liv. Granted, it might have been slightly blasphemous…I was watching the Olympics, and decided that was as good a time as any to give Liv her trial run. But never you mind. I turned her on; I was still hot and bothered from a certain text I’d received the night before, so I was pretty much raring and ready to go.Like the Gigi, the Liv has almost a high pissed whine on the lowest vibration settings that triggers headaches. Luckily, I like my sex toys like I like my women; on full speed, so I raised the power level and was good to go. Also like the Gigi, the Liv has not only variable power settings, but also several different programs that are great for mixing things up, and keeping you from getting bored with this fantastic toy.I started using it on my clit, and yes, it was fabulous. Then I put it inside me, and yes, it was fabulous. It’s a different shape than the Gigi, but it still feels absolutely amazing inside (although I don’t know if anything can ever compete with the shape of the Gigi). However, I’d come to a dilemma. I needed something inside me to come, but I also needed the vibration on my clit. As I was in a hotel, I was sans any of my dildos, but I was so fucking close, and wanted to come so bad. Luckily for me, I’m like a non-homophobic boy scout, and I come prepared (prepared to come?). I popped a condom out of my purse, slid it down the non-spikey end of my hairbrush, and voila – instant dildo, like being 15 again. Plus, the bristles tickling my inner thighs felt pretty fucking amazing. Good thing I came prepared.I teased myself a little with the different programs, and then I just turned it on high, and constant. I came, and I came hard. A few times, I’m not going to lie. And then I washed it off. If was going to share, I’d wipe the silicone part down with a 10% bleach solution.My only beef with this toy is the same one I had with the Gigi – while fucking/being fucked, it’s easy to accidentally hit a button that will change the program, and let me tell you, this is very frustrating.Otherwise, this toy is AMAZING! Like ridiculous. I’d put it one notch below the Gigi, because I like that shape better, but still freaking fabulous. And I like the color (navy blue – much darker than the picture) better than the choices for the Gigi.Easily 5 stars (out of 5), and a high recommendation from me.To get your own Liv (or Gigi, for that matter), head on over to VibeReview and pick up a Lelo for your very own. You won’t regret it, I promise!-Essin’ Em


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