Spin Me

September 7, 2008


When I first took this pure white bottle out of the package, I eyed it cautiously. On one side, it said Jimmy Jane (the company that makes it), and on the other, nothing more than a simple Spin Me. I’m sure you can understand my apprehension towards this mysterious bottle with only two words of instruction written upon in. Spin Me. Remind you of anything?

For me, it was a recall of a certain Alice in a certain Wonderland, coming across a bottle with two words of directions; Drink Me. I felt a little iffy about this game, but was willing to give it a try. I mean, remember what happened to Alice? This could either be very good or very bad.

I opened the cork, and saw that there were slips of instructions inside, but on my honor, I swear I didn’t read them. I place the bottle aside (on my kitchen counter…you know, with my other random toys to be reviewed), and patiently awaited a party to which I could bring this intriguing game. It said it could either be played by couples or in a group, and as I’m currently “non-long term partnered,” I figured a group setting would be best.

That is, until a certain adorable roller girl made her way over to my apartment for caramel apple pop martinis and hot tubbing. Voila – my chance! After we’d changed out of our swimsuits (me in a hot leopard print negligee, if I do say so myself), I brought out the bottle. “Here, this is what I was telling you about” I said as I handed it to her. “Want to play?”

We uncorked the bottle, and she went first. Unfortunately, the first one involved 5 minutes of role-playing complete strangers, and honestly, it wasn’t very fun or sexy. Luckily, the next slip was quite a bit sexier, and involved my lying down next to her on my leopard print LoveSac (yes, my outfit matched my furniture). The game continued on, and some of them were a little salacious (ever had a FREEZING cold ice cube ran all over your body in a semi-platonic setting? YOU try to not get turned on!), some of them silly, and some of them involved me placing a variety of sex toys into the awaiting hands of my blindfolded partner in crime, making her guess what they were (granted, I could have used anything, but sex toys were certainly more fun!).

Now, I could have waiting until I had someone I was having sex with to try this game out, true. But my reasoning was two fold; a) I don’t know how long that might take. It could be forever! and b) Spin the Bottle is meant as a flirtatious game, one that helps introduce people to each other, to begin to get more physical, etc. So what better way to test out the quality of this particular version of the game than by playing it with someone I thought was cute, but hadn’t even kissed? At times, I was hesitant to try some of the things, and chose a different instruction, but once she was gung ho enough to melt a star shaped ice cube all over my body, I figured we were good to go. Verdict on the ice-breaker part of the game (no pun intended): SUCCESS!

Overall, I thought the game was fun, and it did kill a little more than an hour of time. I wish they’d include some blank labels, so that each of us could have made up things to put on them. Also, it really seemed more oriented towards two people (and we actually never participated in the real spinning of the bottle, just handing it back and forth), but perhaps I’ll wait until there is a small house party of people I like and trust, and bring it there. I’ll update you, don’t worry

.As far as a sex toy, I’d give it 2 stars out of 5. I’m pretty certain that unless you’re already having sex with someone, this game isn’t going to get you laid. However, as a GAME, I’d give it 4 stars out of 5. It was fun, flirty, it’s non-intimidating (though I’d much rather it be a black bottle), and I certainly hope to get to make use of it again!

Want your very own Spin Me game by JimmyJane? Head yourself right on over to Babeland, and check it (and all their other sexy game products) out.

As a note of reassurance – I’m still alive and in one piece, with no trippy adventures…just fun memories of a night with a sweet and sassy girl, even though I obeyed the bottle’s instructions.

-Essin’ Em


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