Taking the SaSi for a Spin

September 9, 2008

sasiI spent the long holiday weekend with a new friend – the SaSi. I’ve been thinking about how exactly I want to write about the SaSi because it truly is like no other toy that I’ve ever tried.The first thing that you should probably know (TMI alert) is that when I use vibrators, I’m generally bringing them in as the sequel to some heavy hand action. I’m generally already pretty turned on and either my hands are getting tired or I’m craving some buzzy goodness.

My experience with the SaSi was completely different. I turned on my SaSi and realized that I needed to experience all of the different movements. I considered starting with my hand as usual but then I thought, ‘what the hell’? and started with the SaSi instead. There I was, reading the manual, pushing buttons and getting totally turned on, little by little. All of a sudden I realized that I recognized that fun little tingle of anticipation – it felt the same as a gently lapping, teasing tongue belonging to a considerate, knowledgeable partner. Whoa. Apparently the SaSi knew what I wanted when I didn’t even know it! I’ve tried way too many sex toys and I’ve never had one make me feel quite this way. I can’t wait to keep playing with the amazing arousal I felt while using the SaSi.
Now that I was rearing to go, I had to figure out how to get my SaSi up to speed. My SaSi didn’t quite get me all the way, but the journey was something entirely new and I have to take my hat off to the SaSi for that. I have some more playing to do but I feel certain that I’ll find that perfect movement for when I need to the teasing to stop and the hard and fast action to begin.

The SaSi differs from other toys in some important ways:

It’s all about the clitoris: The SaSi wasn’t designed for deep penetration or the G-spot. Forget about those and concentrate on that small spot full of nerve endings designed for your pleasure. Just trust me.

The SaSi isn’t for quickies: This is not the toy for your morning orgasm before you rush off to class. How long would your ideal lover take? Give the SaSi that much time.

Lube is a must: Although I always recommend lube, it’s really a necessity with the SaSi. That little ball bearing can get uncomfortable if things are too dry.

Communication is key: Wait, what? Talking to my SaSi? Yes, sort of. In order to have the greatest success possible with your SaSi, you must be a student of Socretes – know thyself. SaSi can help you learn what kinds of stimulation you like but you have to pay attention to your body and how it is responding as you go through each of the SaSi’s motions.

The SaSi can help you have better sex: I’ll be the first to admit that during play with a partner, the SaSi might not be the most effective couple’s toy. However, that doesn’t mean that if you’re partnered you shouldn’t get it. The SaSi can help improve your partner’s cunnilingus skills. If you find a particularly enticing movement, pick up the toy and look at it – then describe that movement to your next partner (or hand them your SaSi). How cool is that?

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