Naughty Nano Review

September 16, 2008

nanoOne of the best things about working at Babeland is that we get to review new toys. That’s right – every toy we carry has been tested and approved by at least one sex educator. That’s why we don’t carry all 18, ailment 000 toys out there. We just carry the good ones.That doesn’t mean that bad toys don’t cross our path. I’ve tested my fair share and they sit at the bottom of my sex toy drawer, viagra waiting for the day when the US implements a vibrator recycling program.

Most of the time, prescription however, I get to test something fun. A few months ago I got to test the Boss and it certainly took me for a ride. The last toy I tested was the NaughtyNano, the same folks who make the OhMiBod.

I’ll admit that I didn’t really see the appeal of the OhMiBod. I’d been a bad sex educator and hadn’t actually tried it, let alone plugged it into an iPod. The long, white plastic just didn’t appeal to me. When I opened the NaughtyNano, however, I was instantly attracted to the curvy blueness and soft plastic texture. Here was a toy that knew how to party.

The NaughtiNano (and OhMiBod) work like this: Take the plugs and put one end in your iPod (or other music-playing device) and put the other in the vibrator. You can also plug in earphones if you like. Now, kick out the jams. The NaughtyNano vibrates to the beat of the music. Want stronger vibrations? Just turn up the volume (here’s where I had to take my earphones off).

You can have all sorts of ironic fun with this toy. What does Salt N Pepa’s ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ feel like? Pretty good actually – it has a good beat. What about ‘Let’s Get It On’? More of a slow rumble but a nice buildup. Prince? Not too bad. I ended up with electronica and metal – not really something I wanted to listen to but the beat was amazing – and just what I needed. The curves grabbed my G-spot, the vibrations struck my clit, and life was good.

If nothing else, the NaughtyNano is a lot of fun. I promise you’ll never look at your music collection the same way again.


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