The Fukuoku Vibrating Glove

September 20, 2008

I’ve pretty much been craving the Fukuoku Vibrating Glove since I turned 18 and first set foot in a sex toy store. I mean…five fingers, all full of vibrations? How could you *not* want one of these.

I cut it out of its packaging…and groaned. It takes AAA batteries, and while I have more AAs than I could possibly need EVER, I couldn’t scrounge up 3 AAAs. Sigh. I texted F; “If you have any AAA batteries, can I borrow 3 when you come over?” She wrote back that she didn’t have any, and asked if she should pick up any. We’re not at the point where I’m ok asking her to grab me something, so I told her I’d figure it out on my own.

Once she was over, I showed her the glove, placing it on my right hand (you can also get it for your left hand…but although I’m left handed, I’d asked for the right one…I didn’t think I’d have enough dexterity in it, so I wanted it on my non-dominant hand, so I could use my left hand for um…you know, important things. Like fucking people). We joked about how I looked like a super villain, and that I should keep AAA batteries around. As I moved to take it off, I hit the on button…and it came to life. That’s right folks, this toy COMES WITH BATTERIES. Ah-May-Zing. 10 points right there.

It has two vibrating options; low and high. The glove itself is pretty damn comfy, but was a little big on me (I have really small hands), even once I tightened the wrist strap, so the vibes didn’t sit perfectly on my fingers. Didn’t matter. They vibrated my fingers like WOAHFUCK, and as I ran then up and down F’s back, they really seemed to work magic. She moaned a little and let me rub my hand all over her back. With extra pressure, I got extra moans. It was fabulous.

I flipped her over, for access to her stomach. I ran the glove all over her; breasts, tummy, and all elicited pleasant sounds on both high and low settings. The only thing she didn’t like so much was having it on her nipples, on either speed. She said it was just too much.

Then we switched, letting her put it on. I think it fit her hand a little better. Starting it on low, she rubbed it all over me. It didn’t feel as good as getting a massage from her, but it did feel quite nice (and was much less work for her, I’m sure). She moved it up to my nipples, to show me how it was too much vibration. Ha. I, she of the nipple clamps, LOVED it, especially on the higher setting. As I always say, each to his/her own!

With her body pressed against mine, I was getting really turned on. She moved it between my legs, over my underwear. Mmm. It felt good, but to be honest, I can’t really see getting off with a glove. I’m iffy about cleaning it (although you can remove everything and wash it…or so they say), and I really preferred it as a massager. I mentioned that it was a lot less cheesy than I thought it would be, and F pointed out that it was still pretty cheesy. I agreed, but said it was cheesy in a super hero kind of way. Which then turned into talk about a sexy super villain-heroine in distress role play (why yes, I do own a cape. and a cloak), which then turned into giggles.

While I don’t really see this becoming my go to for getting off, I was really bloody impressed (and not just because it came with batteries). For running on AAAs, it packs a decent punch, and I really enjoyed watch F’s face and body as I ran it over her skin. Definitely great for foreplay and sensation play, and it wasn’t even that loud, which was a nice surprise. 4 out of 5 stars!

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-Essin’ Em


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