Eco Delight Kit

September 27, 2008

I was more than thrilled when Babeland offered to let me review the Eco Delight Kit. First of all, I’m Colorado born and bred, which makes me a sustainable and environment loving hippie at heart. Secondly, I’ve really been wanting to get my hands on a Delight ever since I first saw one, so clearly, this kit was perfect for me.In this kit are:*An all natural, recycled paper bag EMBEDDED WITH FLOWER SEEDS (so you can plant the bag and flowers grow!!!)*Organic Naked Lube*Mamba condoms*A Rice-Flower Massage Candle (with matches)*A Delight vibe (I chose the Black/White, but there are other options).Ok. Let’s break this down.I didn’t get to use the bag, as it’s September, plus I live in an apartment building. However, come spring, I plan on planting it, and am really bloody excited about this part of the kit. Wildflowers IN A BAG. I mean, come on!About the lube? Yeah. I didn’t even open it, but rather, gave it to a friend in lube need. I’ve already review the Organic Naked Lube (read the review here), and was pretty unimpressed. In fact, I still have about 98% of the bottle left, so I didn’t feel the need to really try it out…again.The Mamba condoms were nice; they’re vegan (like most condoms), and felt nice, at least over the toys I used them on. They’re Swedish, and supposeably made by a non-profit, which in my book, is damn cool. Nothing ridiculously amazing, but then again, few condoms are.The Delight was pretty bad ass. In case you don’t know much about the Delight, it is a re-chargable vibrator (yay! No costly and harmful batteries!)..that charges *in its case.* Yeah. Crazy, I know, but you just put it in its case, and plug the whole case in and voila! No sitting there on your counter getting fuzzy while it charges. Not awkward questions from visitors, as it sits there on your counter while it charges. And you have easy storage too!Now, it’s supposed to be both a G-spot and a clitoral toy, but I had my doubts. My anatomy has never perfectly fit any of these dual use toys, but I thought I’d give it a go. The bad? Yeah – when it is inserted the right way, it definitely doesn’t hit my clit. The good? When it is inserted the right way, it OH MY GOD hits my g-spot! That curved part is abso-freaking-lutely brilliant! It felt amazing…and then I turned on the vibrations. There are multiple settings, and all of them felt…well..DELIGHTful. (Insert groans here). There was a good amount of vibration (which we all know is important too me), and so far, it’s still charged. Plus, it’s plastic and silicone (body friendly and easy to clean), and is water resistant (shower, anyone?) I was…well…DELIGHTed by the Delight (ok, the puns stop here, promise!).However, the high point of this kit was the Massage Candle. Oh. Em. Gee. This was genius. I thought that the scent might be a little strong…but no, it was perfect. AND the candle came with matches. For me, this is the equivalent of having a toy come with batteries (if it requires them). Fucking fabulous…especially since I already had F tied up in my bed when I wanted to use it, and wasn’t ready to go on a hunt for a lighting instrument in the middle of sex.The wax melted fairly quickly, and the glass wasn’t too hot to hold. I poured in on her to the sound of a gasp, and then rubbed it in. And poured more on her, and gave her a back massage. I tried it out again a few days later – she still loved it! Finally, it was my turn…it felt amazing. I almost wish it had been hotter, but I guess that was kind of the point…that it didn’t need to be a “wax play” kind of thing, but was more soft and sensuous. Either way, it was AMAZING, and I’m definitely hoping to get a few more of these amazing candles.Overall, the kit gets 4 stars out of 5. The Delight, the bag, and the Candle gets 5 stars each. Condoms get 3 or 4…I mean, they’re just condoms…good condoms, but not amazing. And the lube? Yeah, 2 stars at the most, bringing down the average of the kit. Hmm…actually, can I give the Massage Candle 6 stars (out of 5)? Cause I really really really liked it.Want to get your own earth-friendly Eco Delight Kit? Visit Babeland here to get one of your own!-Essin’ Em


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