Foot Long Sex Toy Case

October 26, 2008

Vera, from ForYourNymphomation, was kind enough to not only donate some awesome toy cases for contests (such as my blogiversary contest – you have one week left. I have only received 2 entries so far, so you have a good chance…send ‘em on in!), but she also included two cases for me. One of them, as seen above, is the Foot Long Storage Case. I have the one in the textured black, which is really quite nice, and also seems to be quite durable. This is my 3rd item so far from FYN, and both my rolling trunk and sex toy chest have lasted…through two moves, a trip to Dinah Shore, my cats lying on them, a few kink nights, some presentations, and oh yes, normal use as well.

Like all FYN products, this foot long case comes with a lock. Not great for travel (I’d suggest zip ties, for the security people can just cut them off), but good for parties, or if you have noisy kids/friends. This particular case comes in a variety of colors (see above), and while I’m kind of craving the leopard print (this IS me we’re talking about), I really like the look and the feel of the textured black.

It fits my hitachi (with a tiny bit hanging out). It fits all of my silicone (non double-ended) dildos. It fits my black GRANITE DILDO. It fits my safer sex supplies. It fits lube. Sadly, it doesn’t fit my harness or flogger….but really, would you expect it to? Basically, if it’s less than a foot, and longer than it is wide, it’ll fit it (it also fits some cosmetics too…you never know!)

It’s also super discreet (looks kind of like a make-up bag), and will fit well by itself, or in other luggage (sex toy or other wise), so good for home, play parties, or travel. If you have dildos, vibes, nipples clamps, and the like, and need somewhere to store them, I highly recommend this. And actually, any FYN case. I <3 all of them!

-Essin’ Em

Wahl Vibrator

October 19, 2008

I am a big Hitachi fan. That’s an understatement. I may be the Hitachi’s biggest fan. Ever.

But a little bird kept telling me how amazing the Wahl Vibrator was. Over and over again.

So I wanted to get one, and luckily enough for me, Babeland was happy enough to oblige my whim. I waited and waited. And then, of course as soon as it came, I was sick. And then, once I was feeling better, I had my first ever yeast infection (probably from the antibiotics I was on for being sick). So I waited some more.

And then? The day of reckoning. Keeping in mind that I’ve been loving on the Hitachi for a good 3 or 4 years at this point, and you can imagine what this looked like in my mind. A shoot out in the SM Corral between the Wahl and the Hitachi. Hitachi had the bettin’ odds, but I was willing to give the under dog Wahl a chance.

I plugged ‘er on in, and lay back in bed. I started first with the attachment it already had (there are 7 in all), which is the one displayed on the box. And logically, I started at level 1 (out of 2).

Not bad. A little tickly, but it did feel nice. However, no way in hell it was giving my magic wand a run for my money. I tried it on my back, breasts, hip bones, etc. Overall? It was an excellent massager…but even as I switched to all the different attachments, on level 1, it just was too light buzzy, and wasn’t going to get me going, no way no how.

And then, once I’d tried out all the attachments (I really like the larger circle with the pokey things – that felt amazing!) on level 1, I kicked it up a notch to level 2.

As a friend would say, OH EM GEESE! Whole different ball game (I know I’m mixing my metaphors, and they didn’t play ball in the Old West…but bear with me!). It was this like deep, penetrating vibration…that was almost too much for ME to handle. *ME* She of the weapons grade sex toys. She of the Hitachi and Lelo. She of the “plug ‘er in, let ‘er rip.” Yeah. It was THAT strong. And it felt phenomenal…when I could take it.

Brilliant. Really. One level is good for massaging and a little teasing, the other excellent for getting off. I had to kind of re-train my body to get off using it, since it was so used to the Hitachi, but it was totally do-able.

One small problem with it is that it cramps my style a bit. Unlike the Hitachi which you can balance against you, or tuck into your underwear (thereby leaving your hands free for other fun things), you have to physically hold onto the Wahl as it vibrators your hands immensely. Slightly annoying, slightly frustrating….but still worth it

Like the Hitachi, the Wahl is definitely affordable, which is always a bonus. If I had to choose between the two, I’ll still go with my old favorite..but since I don’t, I’m happy to have both on call. 4.5 stars!

-Essin’ Em


October 12, 2008

As we all know, I super duper so much love and heart Lelo toys. Everything they make is bloody freaking amazing. My second favorite (and favorite non-hitachi) vibrator is the Gigi, by Lelo. Lelo is, hands down, the most awesome vibrator maker, as a whole, ever. Period.

All their vibrators are rechargeable, which is awesome, convenient, and very earth friendly. They also use plastic and pure silicone, so everything they make is phthalate-free. Basically, they rock. And then they decided to rock even more, and offered to let me try ANY TOY I WANTED.

Well. I had the Gigi, and the Liv, and the Lily. What more could I possibly want?

Answer? Ella. I was ready to start a little love affair with this beauty.

She’s solid black, and as most of you are aware, I think black sex toys are pretty much the sexiest things ever. I have a black lily, a black granite dildo, black and red flogger, and the list goes on. But this is a beautiful matte silicone, unlike any other dildo I’ve ever tried. It’s also shaped just like the Gigi, which you may remember is pretty much the most amazing shape in regards to my vagina. It makes me make ridiculous noises I have never made before.

So I was sooooo excited to try it out. It came…but sadly, I didn’t, because as soon as I got it, I got really sick. I took it into the shower to try out at one point, but then got distracted by a certain person (but it is water proof – obviously).

FINALLY, I got to try it out. Remember, it IS silicone, so no silicone lube, but anything water based will do quite well.

I busted out (as always) the Hitachi. I hadn’t had sex in a whole week, and I hadn’t really masturbated (minus a quicky while falling asleep last week) in 3 or 4 weeks. I was so freaking ready for this.

The shape, just like the Gigi, was perfect. It may seem a little small to some people, but no. Really. The shape is like “hello, I am hooked up with a GPS system for the sole purpose of finding your G-Spot” – and then does so. G-spot, meet Ella. Ella, g-spot. Have a lovely time!

I came in less than two minutes. And then again in another 3. And then again. And again. Between the Hitachi and Ella, I could have probably come over and over and over all afternoon. Sadly (for my vagina, but happily for me), I was headed out to meet L, so I had to get dressed and head out…otherwise, I probably would have come about 3 million more times. And that’s not an exaggeration or anything.

My only beef with it? It isn’t harness compatible – I wish it was, because can you IMAGINE what it would feel like to have someone pressed against you, fucking you with Ella. Maybe it’s better that this isn’t possible. I might just die of pleasure from that. I really love this toy. So much, it might become a permanent fixture in my nightstand drawer. And that, my friends, is saying a lot.

Want your own Ella to be your personal pleasure object? Learn more at, or buy your own by clicking here!

-Essin’ Em

Universal Lube from VibeReview

October 8, 2008

Trying Universal Lube for the first time was a terrifying experience. I wasn’t worried about what it might do to my body. I basically trusted that VibeReview would never send me anything dangerous and that it would be a passable lube. But I was scared to death about what it might do to my silicone toys.

Traditional wisdom dictates that you do not use silicone lubes with silicone sex toys. The fact that they are made of similar materials triggers a reaction and can allow the lube to break down the materials in your precious silicone toys. So, even though silicone lubes can be awesome and a lot of people prefer them, most of us keep water-based lubes around for sex toy use.

But, Universal Lube is different. The name really says it all. It is a silicone lube that is designed to be safe with sex toys. I was a bit scared the first time I squirted it onto one of my favorite silicone dongs but I am happy to report that the toy came out unscathed.

Now that we’ve established that it didn’t fuck up my toys, how does it work as a lube? Pretty well, I think. It is thicker than most silicone lubes I’ve tried so that means that it stays in place. In general, this class of lube is more slippery than slick so you feel the lubrication in a more pure sense instead of just wetness. Depending on the situation, I love this because it preserves a lot more of the friction of sex while maintaining a safe and comfortable level of movement and lubrication.

I was also really please that the bottle is a generous size, inviting me to slather on as much as I felt like while I was playing. Many silicone lubes are incredibly pricey so this seemed like a great value.

If you like the feel of silicone lubes but get nervous about using them because they negate the use of your favorite toys, then Universal Lube is a must to try. You’ll find that it may become one of your go-to lubes because it will keep your options open in terms of toy choices and can be easily layered with water-based lubes to create new sensations.

Paul and Paulina

October 5, 2008

I have continued on my adventure of finding the *right* rabbit-style vibe for me, and this week, that involved the testing of Paul and Paulina, a rabbit style vibe from Fun Factory.

Ok. A few weeks back, I reviewed the Sally Seal, another rabbit style vibe by Fun Factory. And honestly, this one really wasn’t *that* much different.

Again, it’s made by Fun Factory. The material is a good quality, phthalate-free silicone, so three cheers for body healthy toys! It takes 4 AA batteries, which is fairly normal, but it really puts a lot of power out for only being powered on those.

Again, it was a little loud for me. Not quite so loud as a certain Seal, but certainly more than I like to have in my bedroom, even if I’m alone – the vibration part was fine, but the twisting part sounded like an old school joy stick…NOT sexy.

Another problem I’ve had with most, if not all, of Fun Factory’s toys, is the battery compartment. I mean, come on folks; I have a Master’s degree, and I can’t figure out how to open/close the compartment, or get the batteries in properly without bending the connectors? Yeah. Sad story.

On the other hand, maybe my body just isn’t built for rabbit style vibrators, and I should just give up this chase. This is an affordable toy that is BODY HEALTHY (most rabbit style toys are made out of jelly. Read: Phthalates. YUCK!), and would be good for a beginner trying to figure out whether or not they like rabbit style toys. I don’t hate it. It just really isn’t my thing.

Oh yeah – it comes in more colors than just pink (obviously, or I wouldn’t be reviewing it!). Mine was blue…so know you have choices too :)

So if you want your very own Paul and Paulina, click here to get one. Or if you’d like any other kind of sexy vibrator, head on over to

And if you find the *perfect* phthalate-free rabbit style vibe, PLEASE let me know. It’s like my holy grail or something.

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