Paul and Paulina

October 5, 2008

I have continued on my adventure of finding the *right* rabbit-style vibe for me, and this week, that involved the testing of Paul and Paulina, a rabbit style vibe from Fun Factory.

Ok. A few weeks back, I reviewed the Sally Seal, another rabbit style vibe by Fun Factory. And honestly, this one really wasn’t *that* much different.

Again, it’s made by Fun Factory. The material is a good quality, phthalate-free silicone, so three cheers for body healthy toys! It takes 4 AA batteries, which is fairly normal, but it really puts a lot of power out for only being powered on those.

Again, it was a little loud for me. Not quite so loud as a certain Seal, but certainly more than I like to have in my bedroom, even if I’m alone – the vibration part was fine, but the twisting part sounded like an old school joy stick…NOT sexy.

Another problem I’ve had with most, if not all, of Fun Factory’s toys, is the battery compartment. I mean, come on folks; I have a Master’s degree, and I can’t figure out how to open/close the compartment, or get the batteries in properly without bending the connectors? Yeah. Sad story.

On the other hand, maybe my body just isn’t built for rabbit style vibrators, and I should just give up this chase. This is an affordable toy that is BODY HEALTHY (most rabbit style toys are made out of jelly. Read: Phthalates. YUCK!), and would be good for a beginner trying to figure out whether or not they like rabbit style toys. I don’t hate it. It just really isn’t my thing.

Oh yeah – it comes in more colors than just pink (obviously, or I wouldn’t be reviewing it!). Mine was blue…so know you have choices too :)

So if you want your very own Paul and Paulina, click here to get one. Or if you’d like any other kind of sexy vibrator, head on over to

And if you find the *perfect* phthalate-free rabbit style vibe, PLEASE let me know. It’s like my holy grail or something.


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