October 12, 2008

As we all know, I super duper so much love and heart Lelo toys. Everything they make is bloody freaking amazing. My second favorite (and favorite non-hitachi) vibrator is the Gigi, by Lelo. Lelo is, hands down, the most awesome vibrator maker, as a whole, ever. Period.

All their vibrators are rechargeable, which is awesome, convenient, and very earth friendly. They also use plastic and pure silicone, so everything they make is phthalate-free. Basically, they rock. And then they decided to rock even more, and offered to let me try ANY TOY I WANTED.

Well. I had the Gigi, and the Liv, and the Lily. What more could I possibly want?

Answer? Ella. I was ready to start a little love affair with this beauty.

She’s solid black, and as most of you are aware, I think black sex toys are pretty much the sexiest things ever. I have a black lily, a black granite dildo, black and red flogger, and the list goes on. But this is a beautiful matte silicone, unlike any other dildo I’ve ever tried. It’s also shaped just like the Gigi, which you may remember is pretty much the most amazing shape in regards to my vagina. It makes me make ridiculous noises I have never made before.

So I was sooooo excited to try it out. It came…but sadly, I didn’t, because as soon as I got it, I got really sick. I took it into the shower to try out at one point, but then got distracted by a certain person (but it is water proof – obviously).

FINALLY, I got to try it out. Remember, it IS silicone, so no silicone lube, but anything water based will do quite well.

I busted out (as always) the Hitachi. I hadn’t had sex in a whole week, and I hadn’t really masturbated (minus a quicky while falling asleep last week) in 3 or 4 weeks. I was so freaking ready for this.

The shape, just like the Gigi, was perfect. It may seem a little small to some people, but no. Really. The shape is like “hello, I am hooked up with a GPS system for the sole purpose of finding your G-Spot” – and then does so. G-spot, meet Ella. Ella, g-spot. Have a lovely time!

I came in less than two minutes. And then again in another 3. And then again. And again. Between the Hitachi and Ella, I could have probably come over and over and over all afternoon. Sadly (for my vagina, but happily for me), I was headed out to meet L, so I had to get dressed and head out…otherwise, I probably would have come about 3 million more times. And that’s not an exaggeration or anything.

My only beef with it? It isn’t harness compatible – I wish it was, because can you IMAGINE what it would feel like to have someone pressed against you, fucking you with Ella. Maybe it’s better that this isn’t possible. I might just die of pleasure from that. I really love this toy. So much, it might become a permanent fixture in my nightstand drawer. And that, my friends, is saying a lot.

Want your own Ella to be your personal pleasure object? Learn more at Lelo.com, or buy your own by clicking here!

-Essin’ Em


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