Foot Long Sex Toy Case

October 26, 2008

Vera, from ForYourNymphomation, was kind enough to not only donate some awesome toy cases for contests (such as my blogiversary contest – you have one week left. I have only received 2 entries so far, so you have a good chance…send ‘em on in!), but she also included two cases for me. One of them, as seen above, is the Foot Long Storage Case. I have the one in the textured black, which is really quite nice, and also seems to be quite durable. This is my 3rd item so far from FYN, and both my rolling trunk and sex toy chest have lasted…through two moves, a trip to Dinah Shore, my cats lying on them, a few kink nights, some presentations, and oh yes, normal use as well.

Like all FYN products, this foot long case comes with a lock. Not great for travel (I’d suggest zip ties, for the security people can just cut them off), but good for parties, or if you have noisy kids/friends. This particular case comes in a variety of colors (see above), and while I’m kind of craving the leopard print (this IS me we’re talking about), I really like the look and the feel of the textured black.

It fits my hitachi (with a tiny bit hanging out). It fits all of my silicone (non double-ended) dildos. It fits my black GRANITE DILDO. It fits my safer sex supplies. It fits lube. Sadly, it doesn’t fit my harness or flogger….but really, would you expect it to? Basically, if it’s less than a foot, and longer than it is wide, it’ll fit it (it also fits some cosmetics too…you never know!)

It’s also super discreet (looks kind of like a make-up bag), and will fit well by itself, or in other luggage (sex toy or other wise), so good for home, play parties, or travel. If you have dildos, vibes, nipples clamps, and the like, and need somewhere to store them, I highly recommend this. And actually, any FYN case. I <3 all of them!

-Essin’ Em


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