Buzz 1

November 2, 2008

Here is another fancy schmancy and lovely toy furnished to me by the amazing Babeland.This fabulous dildo (I have the midnight purple colored one) is known as the Buzz 1, and I have to say, it was pretty nice.I tried it out with F, who was actually quite excited to give this one a go. We haven’t had her strapped on and fucking me with a dildo with a vibe in its base yet, so it was something new and different, and something we definitely wanted to try.It is 100% silicone (which means that when you pop the bullet out, you can dishwash it top shelf no soap, boil it, or wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution). If you need help on getting the bullet in or out, please check out my ridiculously hilarious, year old, and poor quality video on doing it (this was out first vblog, my apologies). The bullet was easy – it comes with batteries – you just have to unscrew it and pull the little plastic tab out, and then put it back together before putting it into the dildo.We placed it into the harness, and I strapped F into it. Have I mentioned how hot she looks in a dildo? If I haven’t, she looks incredibly fucking hot. Just FYI. Once strapped on and adjusted, we covered the dildo and my cunt with water based lube. Water based is very important because silicone can do horrible things to your silicone toy.Slowly, she slid it into me. I had thought it might be a little too small, and when she was first in me, I thought I was right. However, once she started thrusting into me, the head of Buzz 1 was rubbing my G-spot in all the right ways (and felt especially amazing in the “doggy style” position – it really is quite well designed). And because it was not as big, she could fuck me harder and faster with it than I’ve been able to do with some other toys, like the Raquel (which I love, but is a little long for hard fucking).After she fucked me for a while, I decided to give her a blow job as she lay on her back. The blow job part was fabulous – the dildo was the perfect size. However, the problem we’d been having as she fucked me remained. The damn vibe had a mind of its own. It kept turning on and off. When it was on, it felt great inside me, but because of the button on the base, it turned on and off as she fucked me. Ditto with me giving her a hand job and going down on her – when I was pressing it against her, it was on, and she was bucking into me. Then on the outstroke, it would shut off. Which I found really frustrating…she seemed to find it amusing (but if she hadn’t been able to come because of it, I bet it wouldn’t have been so funny).Her complaint was that while she liked the stiffness of the silicone for controlling it (she thought the Raquel was too soft at times), she said that the next day, her mons and lips were a little sore from the base pressing into her so hard as she fucked me. I told her that was a hazard of fucking me so hard (oh, tear), but she may have a point. On the receiving end, I like the feel of both types of silicone, so I am a happy camper either way.While the bullet vibe was annoying and frustrating, it was also pretty awesome when it worked. I like the color, the shape, the harness compatibility, etc. So I’d give this baby 4 stars out of 5….great first timers dildo, and fun to use on your own, or with a partner…by hand, or in a harness.To get your very own Buzz 1 to play with, by yourself or with someone, click here.-Essin’ Em


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