November 30, 2008

If I had to choose my absolute favorite lube (and trust me, I’ve tried it a lot!), it would hands down be Eros Bodyglide. Yes, I know. A dyke whose favorite lube is silicone based. It’s true.

Granted, I don’t use it on silicone toys (and if you wanted to, you can, you just need to use a condom over it), but it’s brilliant for everything else. And when I say everything, I mean it. Masturbation (with or without toys), vaginal penetration (fingers, toys, penises, etc), anal penetration (I might go with something thicker for intercourse, but for fingering, it is AWESOME)…even back massages. I actually keep a bottle in my purse for those times when you need it; massages, creaky door, bike chains. Yeah. It’s that good.

It is glycerin free, which is fabulous for those of use with cunts (no yeast infections here, thank you very much!), and because it is silicone based, it just keeps going and going, even if you keep coming and coming (bad pun. deal with it). It’s great for shower/pool/hot tub sex, because water based lubes wash right away, where as this has more lasting power.

It’s amazing. Really. You only need a tiny little itty bit, and it lasts forever. I like it for fisting, because it doesn’t dry out or get sticky, and you don’t need to add as much as you do with many water based lubes. Of course, like all water based and silicone based lubes, it is latex compatible, so you can have hot, delicious, and incredibly slippery SAFER SEX.

Not that you really want to be eating lots of any lube, but it doesn’t taste bad. Granted, it’s not delicious either, but I have used it on a partner, and then gone down on them with not huge issues. Clean up, it’s slightly more difficult than water based, but still, amazing.

I’d swear by this lube, and even though I use it all the damn time, I’ve only ever gone through two bottles in my entire sex-having life. Long lasting, and well worth it, I HIGHLY recommend it. Get your own bottle of Eros Bodyglide here.

Thanks to for the lube!

-Essin’ Em


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