Padded Blindfold

December 14, 2008

One sex accouterment that I have yet to add to my collection, but that I think is fairly crucial, is a good quality, comfortable, and padded blindfold. I mean, there are many blindfolds that exist, and yes, you could use just any kind of cloth or tie…but we all know that I love my sex toys, and besides, this blindfold is RED AND BLACK. I mean, come on! It matches all of my sex toys, much of my outfits, my decor, and at times, even my hair. You can get any better than that.

It showed up in a tube like container, which was great to store it while it was waiting to be used. An added bonus is that I can re-use the container to store things. I appreciate useful, re-useable packaging, rather than overpackaged, cheap disposable boxes.

One night, I took it out while F was over at my place, and gently placed it over her head. It wasn’t really a sex type of night (I know, hard to believe), but I figured I’d at least introduce the two of them. F, here is my new and sexy blindfold. New and sexy blindfold, please meet the sexy and hot F. That accomplished, I laughed a little as she wore it in a headband style…tres chic. After a good laugh, I helped her to slip it over her eyes. She had me adjust it a few times, but said that although it was comfortable, she could see underneath it a little. Taking it off, we left it for the evening.

A few days letter, I was begging for her to fuck me with the Spareparts Harness and the Buzz 1. As she was getting all strapped on, I was playing around in the kitchen (isn’t that where everyone keeps their sex toys and porn to be reviewed?), and slipped the blindfold onto my head…instantly, I decided that this was a brilliant decision…and kept wearing it, as I stumble blindly towards the bedroom. I didn’t have the same issue as F – once I adjusted it properly, I couldn’t see ANYTHING…and it was still super comfy.

F helped me into the bedroom, and put me on my back. She laughed as she told me that I had to find the lube — good thing we were at my place, so I knew how to find it relatively quickly. She lubed up, and started to fuck me…it was so intense, and hot, not to be able to see what she was doing to me. God, it was amazing. I had her flip me over, and fuck me from behind, and again, amazing. After coming a few times, I collapsed with her on top of me, taking a few minutes before I was able to tiredly peel the blindfold off my face.

Basically, this is a pretty good quality, very attractive and super comfy blindfold…and that best part? It’s under 20 bucks, so is incredibly affordable for you and you partner(s). I’d give this to any of my friends looking for a good blindfold…especially if they like the red and black color scheme. Don’t you want a sexy blindfold?

-Essin’ Em


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