Sexier Sex: Lessons From the Brave Sexual Frontier

April 26, 2008

Audacia Ray reviews Regina Lynn’s new book Dirty Girls.

March 25, 2008

Audacia Ray reviews a new user-generated sex education video site, viagra Sex-Lift.

Magic Gold: G-Spot Splash

February 22, 2008

Audacia Ray reviews Magic Gold: G-Spot Splash, Godfrey Silas’ smuttier companion film to Liquid Love, which was reviewed here last week.

Watch the review of Liquid Love: The G-Spot Explosion.

Liquid Love: The G-Spot Explosion

February 15, 2008

Audacia Ray reviews Liquid Love: The G-Spot Explosion, about it a documentary/howto/erotica film about female ejaculation.

Fresh Focus Video Contest: Why Is Sex So Interesting and Sex Ed So Boring?

December 20, 2007

I’m doing my pals at Sex::Tech a favor by posting a video that the Internet Sexuality Information Service made as an example of the the kind videos that can be entered in their awesome contest. The info below is from the page about the contest at Do Gooder TV, where you can enter your video and check out the competition.

Was sex ed at your school a total drag or did you love it? If you had your choice, would you want a personal robot tutor or an online game you could play with other teens to learn about sex and its consequences?

A dynamic group of progressive organizations is hosting a digital video contest with two themes to choose from:

Theme 1. Share your sex ed experience so far. Show us how and why it sucked or rocked.

Theme 2. Redesign how sex ed could be delivered. Imagine that anything is possible.

Make a video with either theme and submit it through DoGooderTV by January 7, 2008. First place wins a $3500 scholarship to the educational institution of your choice (or cash equivalent); second place wins $1000 cash; and third prize is your choice of a Nikon P5000, a Nintendo Wii or an iPhone. Content and creative vision will be weighed more heavily than production quality. Voting begins on January 8, 2008. Film makers must be between the ages of 15-30.

Toying With Pleasure – Jamye Waxman

November 27, 2007

Audacia Ray reviews “Toying with Pleasure,” the first in sexplorer and newbie director Jamye Waxman’s how-to series, Personal Touch.

Learn more about Jamye Waxman
Check out the series’ website, Personal Touch

Watch the movie on VOD at Toying with Pleasure

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